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El Yucateco Charola Habanero 4x22ML

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Red: Water, habanero peppers (30%), tomato, salt, spices, acidity corrector (acetic acid) (E-260), stabiliser (xanthan gum) (E-415), antioxidant (citric acid), (E-330), preservatives (sodium benzoate) (E-211) and colorant (FD&C RED No 40.) (E-129) Green: Water, habanero peppers (30%), salt, acidity correct (acetic acid) (E-260), spices, stabilizer (xanthan gum) (E-415), antioxidant (citric acid) (E330), onion dehydrated powder, preservative (sodium benzoate) (E-211) and colours ((FD&C Yellow No 5 (E-102) and FD&C Blue No 1 (E-133) Kutbil-IK: Habanero peppers (40%), water, tomato, salt, onion, acidity regulator (acetic acid) (E-260), partially hydrogenated canola vegetable oil, spices, antioxidant (citric acid) (E-330), preservatives (sodium benzoate) (E-260), stabilizer (xanthan gum) (E-415) Caribbean: Water, habanero peppers (28%), carrots, salt, spices, acidity regulator (acetic acid) (E-260), onion powder, antioxidant (citric acid) (E-330), (xanthan gum), (E-415), preservative (sodium benzoate) (E-202), and (potassium sorbate) (E-211)